Month: August 2018



During the III INTERAMERICAN MOOT SCOUT, the SUMA QAMAÑA campaign was launched, which consisted of the sale of an exclusive design badge in order to cooperate with the payment of the Membership of the Scout of Venezuela to the Interamerican Scout Region brothers and sisters. SUMA QAMAÑA, means in Aimara language, the union of the…

The Firsts Ambassadors OF The Interamerican Scout Foundation Are Named


THE FIRST TWO AMBASSADORS OF THE INTERAMERICAN SCOUT FOUNDATION ARE NAMED In the reception offered jointly by the Interamerican Scout Committee, Office and Foundation the first first two Ambassadors of the Foundation were appointed. The new members, from Argentina Juan Julián Mora Marcos and from Colombia Diego Alejandro Linares Salcedo, committed themselves, this that they…

New Members of the Order OF The Condor


NEW MEMBERS OF THE ORDER OF THE CONDOR The reception offered by the Committee, Office and Interamerican Scout Foundation, was the framework for the giving 5 new Orders of the Condor, Bronze Level, accompanied by other members of the same Order present in the III Interamerican Scout Moot. The new members, contributors of $ 1,000…