ILT in Ecuador marked history in the Inter-American region


The fifth edition of the Inter-American Leadership Course has managed to expand its reach to other continents  project and drawing the attention of this powerful scout project that many want to participate and best of all, you can do it.

In December 2017, in the city of Quito, Ecuador, the fifth edition of “Inter-American Leadership Course” was held – ILT (for its acronym in English)

It is the first time this course was developed in Ecuador and had the highest participation (over 100 registered) which shows that the ILT has been consolidating and growing as a project. Which marked a historical record for the course and had the presence and participation of scouts delegations from Jordan, Australia, Egypt and other countries belonging to other scouts regions. Confirming that ILT has achieved a great range as a project to reach other continents.

This course has three main objectives, such as training young people in the development of projects, leadership and teamwork, as well to motivate participants to return the acquired knowledge to their associations and continue working on scouts projects and creating bonds of brotherhood between scouts from different countries and regions.

The ILT project has evolved positively, this, thanks to the collaborative work of its volunteers, without their efforts these accomplishments would have never been achieved, starting with the first edition of 2013 with only 68 participants only from the Interamerican region and the latter in 2017 with more than 100 trainees from all over the world.

“These ILT courses are amazing, the activities generate such an impact that motivates the youth of the Interamerican region, to develop projects for the good of their country, there association and therefore their own; just by organizing a replica of ILT in your country is already a big step to expand the scope of these issues and objectives that course seeks to impact; The most surprising in these international events how the creation of bonds can inspire yourself to create a better “ says Ricardo Melendez, a member of Scouts of El Salvador.

This project has exceeded the expectations many people had of it, but this isn’t the end of this project ILT is more than ready to continue to meet goals and expectations and go even further.

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