Interamerican Scout Summit in Cusco

The Interamerican Scout Foundation in Interamerican Summit that was held in Peru, has decided to support de participation of  the youth for all member organizations of the region, through the project named Cusco I.


Thanks to this project two youth, from each member organization, will receive a scholarship that covers 100% of fee for the participation for the VI Interamerican Youth forum and 25% of the fee to participate in 27th Interamerican scout conference. The requirements for member organizations to obtain these scholarships are the following:

  • A young person from each gender (men and women)
  •  The Participation of these youth, in the VI Interamerican youth forum and in the 27th Interamerican conference. In role of delegates, therefore the youth must be in the age range established by the VI Interamerican youth forum.

The selection process for youth that want this scholarship, will be done by each member organization criteria. After selecting the two winners, the member organization will follow the inscription procedure that the Interamerican region office establishes.


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