Your effort no matter how small you think it is, is a great gesture that helps us change the world.

You can choose the range of contribution you want to make, and through your monthly contribution you will become a friend of our Foundation, receiving a “Always Scout” donor certificate, while at the same time the accumulated amount will be applied for recognition of the Order of the Condor in its different degrees.


300 x 300 final

“Scout Solidarity” is a campaign sustained and administered by volunteers and professionals from the Interamerican Scout Foundation, who work to expand contribute to the Educational Program in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We hope that you will once again remember your happiest moments in the Movement, and help us so that other young people live the same values ​​that have been instilled in you.



Entering the order of the condor, a program that recognizes and distinguish those who have have become donors of the Interamerican scout foundation, you can become ambassador of our cause.

The future postulant can choose from different levels of donation to realize his, this donation can be integrated in a term of time that the donor chooses. They are different level of recognitions for donors, this are given in base of the level of donation that the postulant chooses.

The order of the condor reunites every scout Interamerican conference, or in national scout meetings or in scout events of big relevance.