Gilwell Road

Read more about Camilo’s project “Camino Gilwell- Gilwell Road” and how he got the inspiration for it.

“My life has been like a Gilwell knot — very tangled up close, but if I distance myself enough to change my perspective, I find that it is a beautiful object. That is why I decided to tell a story of events that hurt me in the past. Recalling these events was harsh for me, but it was necessary in order to realize that I could impact and change humanity with this story. At first I was scared to tell it, but I was not alone. With the support of my friends and family, and of course a lot of courage, I began the journey that would end in the production of “Camino Gilwell- Gilwell Road.”

“It wasn’t an easy journey to start, I must say, but after participating at ILT (International Leadership Training) 3 in Guatemala, the knowledge and connections I gained there gave me the inspiration I needed to start the production of “Camino Gilwell- Gilwell Road.” It was a long road and took a lot of planning and time, but it was possible in the end.  I was able to show the world, in a short film that narrates harsh and critical moments of my childhood, that, no matter what, anyone can give a message of peace. I have brought a message of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation to a lot of people all over the world. This message not only impacted scouts and the world — it gave me a chance to make peace with my past.

“My journey is not over — I will continue to spread this message of peace.”